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j hoekstra wrote at May 25, 2011:
took my honda odyssey to jason, and it looks new again!! other autobody shops want to replace the whole bumper, but this is perfect and fast! very satisfied with the work, and friends and family are impressed too!
Danielle Ketchum wrote at October 24, 2010:
I had a little incident where I "rubbed" up against another vehicle with mine. The other vehicle was fine, whereas mine was left with some fairly deep scratches that removed the paint from my vehicle. Bumper 911 had me in the shop immediately and "fixed" in no time. The work was beautiful and you definitely couldn't tell anything had ever happened to my vehicle. Great work! Fast work! I definitely recommend!!!!!
S.W. Malin wrote at May 28, 2010:
My sons Hyundai Tiburon had an unfortunate interaction with a chunk of ice and had a piece of the front bumper missing. These guys only needed 24 hours to make the car look like it had just come from the showroom. The car was clean and the paint was a perfect match. I have given their cards to friends, and will go back again for repairs if needed.


Tiberon Bumper Before Repair


Tiberon After Repair and Paint

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Environmentally Friendly

kalamazoo bumper repair
Bumper 911 works diligently to slow the never ending cycle of new parts being manufactured and shipped to replace the plastics being tossed in the landfills. By choosing to have your plastic components (ie bumpers, motorcycle parts, water holding tanks, farm equipment, or just anything plastic) repaired instead of replaced, we can work together to lighten our load on the planet.

kalamazoo bumper repair