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Short on time? 

Online estimates are available for your convience.  Please email us at with a few pictures of your damaged bumper and we will send you an estimate. 

You may also text or MMS pictures to (269)353-3711 if that is easier.  Please still included additional information from below.

Please include:


Phone Number

Vehicle Year

Make and Model

Photos that clearly show damage (Please have a close-up picture and one farther away , so we can get an idea of size and location.)


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Environmentally Friendly

kalamazoo bumper repair
Bumper 911 works diligently to slow the never ending cycle of new parts being manufactured and shipped to replace the plastics being tossed in the landfills. By choosing to have your plastic components (ie bumpers, motorcycle parts, water holding tanks, farm equipment, or just anything plastic) repaired instead of replaced, we can work together to lighten our load on the planet.

kalamazoo bumper repair