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by admin | July 13th, 2010

After months of working mobile, we have decided we really appreciate having a dedicated home :) We are in the process of moving into our new location now. You will be able to find us at 9340 Shaver Rd, Suite B in Portage.  As always, we do estimates by appointment, as our work takes us in & out of the office. If you are in need of an appointment give Jason a call at 269-353-3711.

Bumper 911 specializes in plastic and small panel repairs.  We can fix your automobile, ATV, RV, kayak and canoe.  If it’s plastic, we can fix it!

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9340 Shaver Rd, Suite B, Portage

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Environmentally Friendly

kalamazoo bumper repair
Bumper 911 works diligently to slow the never ending cycle of new parts being manufactured and shipped to replace the plastics being tossed in the landfills. By choosing to have your plastic components (ie bumpers, motorcycle parts, water holding tanks, farm equipment, or just anything plastic) repaired instead of replaced, we can work together to lighten our load on the planet.

kalamazoo bumper repair